Dogs...Cats...Mass Hysteria

I had a lot of directions I could go with this blog post title. It's been one of those weeks where a whole lot of big things started to go down. In that "when it rains it pours" kind of way. "Raining and pouring" led to "dogs and cats" lead to...Ghostbusters. All roads lead to Ghostbusters. No? Well, they should.

I digress.

I had a good week. It started with breaking through a big professional hurdle. As a new agent, I've had a lot of firsts these 2 years, but I have many firsts still ahead of me. As the kind of person who wants to be kick-ass at her job, the fact that a few haven't happened IMMEDIATELY has been frustrating. But I'm also insanely impatient. And yet, it happened, and I'm thrilled.

And THEN a million other things started congealing (congealing? gross...) all at once. Another interesting professional development, and maybe a good personal one too. 

Like, what's WITH that? How can things be so mediocre or even crappy for so long with no sign of breaking, and then BAM! The universe starts handing you things. And then you realize, shockingly, you're happy. I almost don't want to say it for fear of jinxing it.

Mass hysteria, I tell you.