Elana Roth Parker is a Detroit-based creative type, specifically of the word variety.

Once upon a time, she lucked out and got her dream internship at Nickelodeon Magazine—a career in creating children's content was born. Book publishing followed, and over the next 10 years Elana went from editor to agent to content strategist. Somewhere in between, she started building websites and geeking out on the Internet. Now she represents children's book authors and illustrators at Laura Dail Literary Agency.

Elana has a few college degrees that sort of explain where she came from and also where she is now: one in English literature from Barnard College and one in Bible from the Jewish Theological Seminary. Guess which one people like asking about more.

She also takes pictures with her Nikon D3000. A few of them are here on this site.

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But only if you have something neat to say. If you are looking for a literary agent, this is not the form to use. In fact, there is no form to use. I pretty much just delete anything that smells vaguely of a submission. And by "pretty much" I mean: always.

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